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nanovibrancy @ Exhibition Road

nano vibrancy presented as a paper in Supersonix- the Art and Science of Sound conference at Exhibition Road London.  It was presented at Imperial College on the 23rd June. Advertisements

Upcoming (short) seminar at Anatomy and Human Biology

Plug for a short presentation of research for the Nanovibrancy project this Wednesday at 3pm. Schedule of the day: School of Anatomy & Human Biology RESEARCH STUDENTS FINAL SEMINARS Wednesday, 27th April, 2011 Room 1.81, 1st Floor _________________________________________________________________ 3:00 pm Lisa Carrie Goldberg Structuring Somnolence: sleep science technology as a medium for drawing with the […]

upcoming feature at ISEA 2011 Istanbul

some links which i could try to remember…or…

thank you digital technology for substituting my brain’s memory centre. here are my disembodied thoughts embodied in digital markmaking and signifyers of apparent logic. Hand-held cardiography device OptiGo – echocardiography. (claims it might one day negate the use of the stethoscope.  Thats an interesting claim that has its implications on the processes involved in listening […]

Nanotechnology meets nanofiction (2000) Alright, given this is about 10years old, it isn’t really much food for thought. The picture shows a possible scenario of a micro-submarine within the blood vessels cruising along the blood stream responding to defects in the human body e.g. attacking fat cells around the site of arteriosclerotic lesions.   Or even eventually […]

Super 8 and music night.

turned out great.. wish there were cushions on the floor though.  Thanks guys for rocking up and thanks Tom for some great music.

“Sounding Body” at the ECU Library

As part of the ECU Research Week proceedings, the sound wall i setup at Waapa earlier this year was resurrected this time in the library.  As with the first project that meant getting into the workshop again working on flats and paints.  This was quite an experience setting up in the library, which presents a […]