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March 27th _ Tuning Callibration of Tonal Awareness_Vestibula

About my installation coming up at the Blindfold Gallery in about a fortnight. The installation is a collaboration with sculptor Tina Aufiero who has already created these swan-neck shapes out of white plaster.  they have a horn at one end and a bulbous base at the other.  Presumably the base could house the speakers and […]

March 27th wEdnesday

It’s been a pretty crazy quarter.  i still remember sitting in front of the computer determined to log a daily entry of the (great) artworks i’ve experienced.  That didn’t work out too well.. and some of the greatest experiences i had were not the most artistic but they did matter alot to the implantation of […]

reframing disability – deafness and performance

artist Christine Sun Kim in a performance at Haverford College  last December. she ‘s a congenitally deaf sound artist.