Monthly Archives: April 2008

Dad’s Birthday

Went for dinner today at the Plaza @ Novotel, food was good, i’d give it an 8 out of 10.. but im generous by nature. heh. Well it was Dad’s birthday so we had a nice buffet together, and some small celebrations after. here are some of the photographs taken There was a song too, […]

Birthday Celebrations.

i’ve decided on a new set of sound recordings… see, since iv got a pretty reliable field recorder, some pretty easy tactile interfaces for audio manipulation, im thinking this would not only be easy, it would also be really interesting. I crash a party, record a segment of audio from the celebration, say the Birthday […]

The rainiest day

Some may remember this day, it was amazingly wet. 12th April 2008.  So i decided it was worth capturing on the only camera i had on me at that time.  Pardon the resolution. Singapore’s weather has been nothing short of erratic, rain and sun dont seem to be following their instructions anymore… like how rain […]

Another Soccer Match

This time, its the Singapore Armed Forces vs the New Radiants, who are ironically from the Maldives and are as tanned as burnt grass. But here goes though, a really interesting match with plenty to think about in terms of missed chances and runs thats should have happened but were being kept away for whatever […]


Would you marry the man and shut up She asked. Soft to serve Turnip She said her name was Suffer to bone House lit like candles Burning memories Away like chaff in the rain Turnip Ripe and ready Tempting fruits close to hand She laboured Sweetly as Mind body soul lay alone In the battles […]

Urban Shadows

Urban Shadows The evening wind billows past open windows that roar and sputter like barfing minds bleeding noisy white into you, me. We trail the empty road ahead where secret thoughts drive unnoticed; yours, mine, ours the wind in the vane – as passing beings, furtive and fleeting now ominous as noise a blanket of […]

Stadium Ambience

These are a couple of sound clips i took at the S-league match in Singapore last Friday 11 april 08. The internal soccer league which hosts teams from different clubs made up of 12 constituency and sporting clubs. This match was between Geylang United and Tampines Rovers, both of which were desperately in need of […]