some links which i could try to remember…or…

thank you digital technology for substituting my brain’s memory centre.
here are my disembodied thoughts embodied in digital markmaking and signifyers of apparent logic.

Hand-held cardiography device
OptiGo – echocardiography.
(claims it might one day negate the use of the stethoscope.  Thats an interesting claim that has its implications on the processes involved in listening and processing the sounds that one hear – that image is privileged over sound as an objective tool for representation i.e. fidelity, which might or might not be correct (remembering the issues that the early MeArt projects had with observing frequency analysis).  This has some implications also on a sonic ‘language’ -that the sounds require another hermeneutic for hearing the body in the vein of Laennec/Josef Skoda; visually oriented stethoscope users just use the auditory to ‘image’ the heart in their minds.   This is possibly the only reason, and the only group of people that would prefer the echograph to the stethoscope.

Peter’s SPG5 audiometer with bone conduction vibrator.

a really interesting piece of equipment used to artificially induce vibrations in the chest of the patient to test the frequency sensitivity of stethoscopes.  could, i suppose, also induce vibrations in the chest just for fun.  har har.

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