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Spatial Measure

  (presented at Fremont May 12 2014) Following the vertical precedence in the previous prototype, this modification uses the monochord as a control interface for the heights of 4 speakers from the ground (through the action of 4  4-phase stepper motors – JAMECO 237607 ).  This allows the sounding representation of integer ratios to transit […]

monochord Performance-Installation

    Music on a Short Thin Wire (2014) Monochord performance-installation at Gallery 1412 in Seattle,WA in April 2014.  The monochord was set to autotune – cycle through motor values and pitch values.  When resonance frequencies were detected, the monochord held this for a specified duration of time.  Artificial synths were introduced at this point- […]

installation testing phase I

Installation testing phase 1 Wire with the sound of its own tension or The box with universal connector Aims: to extend the instrument to room-scale, investigating the relationships of internal and external resonance.   Sketches pre-fabrication: Fabrication :         Transposing of Space:         Notes: 1. Wire length requires low […]

initial prototype – Instrumentation

  With the resurgence in systems theory and holistic views of the environment, coupled with an increase in the technology’s presence within the musical and artistic spheres, it is a good time to explore these antiquated ideas of holism and symbol through a most fundamental tool/instrument.  The monochord is reworked into a cybernetic musical improvisational […]

Monochord Project – Introduction

The focus of this series of experimental works is to describe the Cybernetic Monochord developed at DXARTS and to redefine a technical and historical lineage from its more traditional twin. The monochord, at first glance is a rather pale example of the (revived) discourses of systems art, but not only has it been integral to the development, demonstration […]