Monthly Archives: January 2013

28 Jan Monday

Viewing list : ‘wild strawberries’ (1957)  by director Ingmar Bergman.   Advertisements

Jan 28th Monday

Today after a somewhat uneventful weekend, I’m back in the grad office. started off by reading a collection of letters from a group of scientists to Charles Darwin explaining synthetic biology: it seems a really fun exercise/ might make my students do this in the summer.  what I’m interested to see however, is what […]

Saturday Jan 26

Semolina pilchard   i haven’t much done today.. listening to too many youtube music videos – nothing academic just really thrash. also watched modern family bloopers.  what more could i do to waste another perfectly nice day. oh oh i know.. make a goddammed pork burger .. at least it tasted pretty good.. fuck.

Friday Jan 25

so i did get to the henry this afternoon. i was very excited about the en plein air exhibition but it was fairly mediocre.  it was a lot smaller than i’d imagine it to be, and a little too claustrophobic to be an exhibition about space and freedom .. ‘painting in open space’ .  It […]

25th Friday

you know i was just re-reading an early post i made about listening to Toop/Eastley’s music and i must say . .. it is very true that we get swept away by the creative poetic veneer of soundscape studies – the mingling of ocean and gamelan, the drum of rain on the floorboards, the chirp […]

Jan 25 Friday

Today i completed my StrangeCo application. if it is successful ill post it up for future reference. While getting sick of it, i decided to take a walk down to the School of Art – and ended up in the Jacob Lawrence gallery where there was a photography exhibition by Agusti Centelles entitled  “Centelles>in_edit_¡oh!“ Amazing photographs […]

23 Jan Wednesday

well last night we watched the remainder of Ivan’s Childhood, a true tarchosky classic. the dark scenes and melancholia were very distinct- the scene of Ivan wading across the river is one that will stick with me for a long time.  the courage and his angst -desire for revenge , and his innocent dreams..his dreams […]