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Monday the 13th

A great morning of listening and reading..amidst the flurry of adrenalin as i await my latest guitar purchase… more on that when it comes. but today i re-read Roland Barthes’ “Listening”… where he discuses from his primary thesis “Hearing is a physiological phenomenon;Listening is a psychological act” amidst listening to a mix of Pablo fredes, […]

PICA’s prototype process

A very very quick sketch of the project prototype drawn as we were at JusBurgers waiting for our wonderfully huge burgers. Well I managed to find a small conical piece of wood at Bunnings, and im boring through it today to try to make my little stethoscopic object. Had a little help from Lynette after […]

playing a cage … Tuesday evening saw a good bunch of people rock up to the studios at PICA, invading (as they say) the “sacred” spaces of art construction, and in Steve’s case, even contributing in a little colonialization of space, as in outer space by sending a transmission from the top of the PICA clock tower.  wish […]

Friday’s contribution

It’s late but full on chinese food at Abishek’s sendoff dinner, heres an update on the progress at the studio. more photographs than writings, but there were much more conversations and discussions about the art and science of the project today.  Tarsh and Louis rocked up to the studio whilst waiting for dinner today and […]

the week is drawing to a close

and yet there are miles to go before i sleep miles to go before i sleep. like worms on the floor they squirm and turn to devour flesh and filter, searching the little naked skin that moves like a drum and hum like they understood the way they were to be listened to. i managed […]

Tuesday’s lack lustre contribution.. and Imagining science .

Instead of placing a mic in the ear piece (directly substituting the ear with a microphone), i decided to work on the diaphragm of the stethoscope head instead, fixing a piezo disc to the film.  There was way too much noise from the contact microphones, which was a real bother and i couldn’t hear any […]

Inhabited Space transcends Geometrical Space

Trooping back into the space today i got a chance to snap the surroundings a little.  PICA is a great looking building nestled within the cultural centre of Perth, just beside the Western Australian Museum, the State Library and the Art gallery of Western Australia.  All great places to visit and definitely worth mentioning is […]