Upcoming (short) seminar at Anatomy and Human Biology

Plug for a short presentation of research for the Nanovibrancy project this Wednesday at 3pm.
Schedule of the day:

School of Anatomy & Human Biology


Wednesday, 27th April, 2011

Room 1.81, 1st Floor


3:00 pm Lisa Carrie Goldberg
Structuring Somnolence: sleep science technology as a medium for drawing with the body at rest
MSc(BiolArts). Supervisors: Ionat Zurr, Peter Eastwood

3:15 pm Joel Ong
Nanovibrancy:The blind microscope and listening at the nanoscale
MSc(BiolArts). Supervisor: Ionat Zurr

3:30 pm Felipe Duque
CD1e polymorphisms and function relationship in Brazilians
BSc(Hons). Supervisors: Luis Filgueira, Silvana Gaudieri

3:45 pm Kwok Choi
Development of an Optimized Workflow For Forensic DNA Casework Analysis
BSc(Hons). Supervisor: Silvana Gaudieri

4:00 pm Drinks/Nibbles

Look out for Andrew Pelling and Anne Niemetz who should be in the audience.

One comment

  1. joel ong · · Reply

    it would be interesting to see how this goes since the seminar series is framed by predominantly scientific research and presented to predominantly scientists.
    I haven’t come up with the presentation format nor nor content but since it is just 15 minutes, i might just talk a little about the the premise of listening.

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