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Week 1 (Jan 12 -16)

Most of this week was spent just going through the lab materials and getting access to the lab and the Foege Building, and understanding the workings going on at the lab – who’s who, what’s where and what’s being done. A number of projects are currently going on at the Folch Lab, all of which […]

it’s official we’re all connected

Connectivity. communication, spoken or unspoken; resonances that amplify and simultaneously send and receive, asserting their presence these agents, agents of dynamism, a foot in the puddle, a drop that Feynman’s bird would look at and not fly away from; Newton’s angels hovering over, gravity-less, if only they knew they were also part of this, apparitions […]

The big questions… streamlined

biggest question unifying the sciences and the humanities is to find an overarching all encompassing unified theory that can explain all the different trajectories of the human condition. Streamlined: 5) categorical distinctions and presumptions. The geneticist Theodosius Dobzhansky famously wrote that nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution. We can add […]

Quotable Quotes!

James Watson in Time magazine: “We used to think our fate was in the stars.  Now we know, in large measure, our fate is in our genes” “it is failure that guides evolution, perfection offers no incentive for improvement” Colson Whitehead (1999) “You could call it ‘schmience’, i suppose” Biological Anthropologist Jonathan Marks on the […]

List of prominent polymaths then and now

Forced between conflicting systems of knowledge and belief, these individuals become excellent case studies for important paradigm shifts in a history of knowledge that have introduced new epochs in science and technology to a world that is still awake to the narratives, folklore and mysticisms of the past.  In present day, these ironically form the […]