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Ecotonality and Listening Praxis in Sound ecology, ambiences and popular music

So what questions am I trying to ask about sound ecologies and popular music? What implications do the interpretations of these books have for listening praxis, especially in urban environments? Borrowing an idea from Donna Haraway (1988), I could describe each listening perspective as a partial perspective, partial in the sense of not being complete, […]

Kepler’s amazing devotion

“I commence a sacred discourse, a most true hymn to God the Founder, and I judge it to be piety, not to sacrifice many hecatombs of bulls to Him and to burn incense of innumerable perfumes and cassia, but first to learn myself, and afterwards to teach others too, how great He is in wisdom, […]

Embedded Systems report(Raspberry PI)

DXARTS 490: Embedded Systems report. 1) Audio Routing A really easy way to switch audio output routes while logged into pi@raspberrypi is to run a sudo amixer cset numid=3 1 #where 0 is automatic #1 is 3.5mm jack #2 is HDMI 2) Load VNCserver on boot/reboot establish VNCserver connection automatically on boot so that […]

April 25th Thursday

read the best quote about music ever: ‘Music is the concealed art of computation for a soul unaware of its counting’ Gottfried von Leibniz