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Final Project

42 degrees SouthWest (if by any means we get there) prototype                                                                                         […]

Project 3

  Solo-Universe with Navigation system prototype                                                               Code: SEND: const int buttonPin = 9; // the number of the pushbutton pin const int ledPin = […]

Project 2

  Solenoid Driven Harmonium prototype                                           Code:     Step One:     Wiring 5 solenoids to have them run when a button is pressed, LED13 is also lit for confirmation :   */ const […]

Project 1

The Wood Leaves Wind Indicator prototype:       Code:     int analogInPin1 = A0; int analogInPin2 = A1; int analogInPin3 = A2; int ledPin1 =9; int ledPin2= 8; int ledPin3= 7; int sensorValue1 = 0; int outputValue1 = 0; int sensorValue2 = 0; int outputValue2 = 0; int sensorValue3 = 0; int outputValue3 […]

Embedded Systems report(Raspberry PI)

DXARTS 490: Embedded Systems report. 1) Audio Routing A really easy way to switch audio output routes while logged into pi@raspberrypi is to run a sudo amixer cset numid=3 1 #where 0 is automatic #1 is 3.5mm jack #2 is HDMI 2) Load VNCserver on boot/reboot establish VNCserver connection automatically on boot so that […]

April 25th Thursday

read the best quote about music ever: ‘Music is the concealed art of computation for a soul unaware of its counting’ Gottfried von Leibniz

March 27th wEdnesday

It’s been a pretty crazy quarter.  i still remember sitting in front of the computer determined to log a daily entry of the (great) artworks i’ve experienced.  That didn’t work out too well.. and some of the greatest experiences i had were not the most artistic but they did matter alot to the implantation of […]