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April 25th Thursday

read the best quote about music ever: ‘Music is the concealed art of computation for a soul unaware of its counting’ Gottfried von Leibniz Advertisements

March 27th wEdnesday

It’s been a pretty crazy quarter.  i still remember sitting in front of the computer determined to log a daily entry of the (great) artworks i’ve experienced.  That didn’t work out too well.. and some of the greatest experiences i had were not the most artistic but they did matter alot to the implantation of […]

Feb 18 Monday

President’s Day holiday!     i realize that the sound of field recordings in nature is actually very seductive, and affective. was listening to Joe Anderson’s Pacific Slope today and there was a part that was rain – not real rain, but strips of paper granularized and subject to ATK manipulation.   then i was […]

Feb 7 Thursday

xenakis – Jonchaies

Sunday Feb3

whoa, it’s been quite a long time hey! but this week has been rather messy,  trying to understand the dynamics of this quarter and my disparate responsibilities, also to planning and worrying a little bit about our financial situation.       Started the day listening to Keith Rowe and Otomo Yoshihide. now the listening […]

28 Jan Monday

Viewing list : ‘wild strawberries’ (1957)  by director Ingmar Bergman.  

Jan 28th Monday

Today after a somewhat uneventful weekend, I’m back in the grad office. started off by reading a collection of letters from a group of scientists to Charles Darwin explaining synthetic biology: it seems a really fun exercise/ might make my students do this in the summer.  what I’m interested to see however, is what […]