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Interview with Zul now up on substation webbie

the world moves as we do.. proximity. Advertisements

a little timetable

to get me started.   was researching and viewing google and youtube results of ‘motor engine sculpture art’ today.  Had a number of interesting things pop up, including the always inspiring mechanical-animals of Theo Jansen.  am interested in the idea of the engine as a deconstructed entity – its parts.. and perhaps not run on […]

litmus paper schematic

stimulus ——————- sensor —————— actuator —————— motor (kinetic)   what is it that i interests me about ‘movement’? Spent sometime at the Gomboc Sculpture park in the Swan Valley observing Lynette set up a piece for an environmental sculpture project.  While her project was about notation and directing people’s attention to a ‘non-retinal’ experience of […]

Conceptualizations _ a mental journey

not the most calm period right now with so much going on around. Also the imminent journeying (around the world) as it seems starts to crease my forehead as it materialises from an ether. a reservoir of invisible dreaming. what is a train is not so much the question. but where is a train. and […]

500 miles. . . . begins with a single step

First post in a blog following the artistic developments in the Sound Art Open Call 2012 at the Substation, Singapore. Its time to get started….. First look at model railways and plans for a kinetic sound sculpture based on the locomotive engine. What started off as a simple project with model trains with connectable speakers […]