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“those who observe the wind will not sow…” Advertisements

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

‘He was thinking, incidentally, that there was a moment or two in his epileptic condition almost before the fit itself (if it occurred in waking hours) when suddenly amid the sadness, spiritual darkness and depression, his brain seemed to catch fire at brief moments….His sensation of being alive and his awareness increased tenfold at those […]

Pioneer Square Art Walk work-in-progress

Another work in progress: An interactive data visualization and sonification project, Joel Ong’s new installation work Aeolus Notification or A Reverse Pilgrimage will be presented at the Design Commission Gallery on Friday September5, 2014 as part of the Pioneer Square Art Walk. ** If you cannot be there, you can still be part of the […]


      Possibly websites for data-harvest :  #location=Sandpoint NOAA #Station ebsw1 gives ‘true’ direction of wind updated every 5-10mins  — XML available hourly update [UW weather station- updates every minute]           1st step is to find the direction of the wind to scrape some […]

conversations with a mythic voice

“Those who Observe the wind will not Sow” Ecclessiastes 11:4 A Little History This first part of the improvisation sessions with natural elements is inspired by the writings and works of Athanasius Kircher.  The inventor of a western conception of aeolian music, his 17th century drawings in Phonurgia Nova detailed methods for inciting the wind, thereby […]

Kepler’s amazing devotion

“I commence a sacred discourse, a most true hymn to God the Founder, and I judge it to be piety, not to sacrifice many hecatombs of bulls to Him and to burn incense of innumerable perfumes and cassia, but first to learn myself, and afterwards to teach others too, how great He is in wisdom, […]