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      Possibly websites for data-harvest :  #location=Sandpoint NOAA #Station ebsw1 gives ‘true’ direction of wind updated every 5-10mins  — XML available hourly update [UW weather station- updates every minute]           1st step is to find the direction of the wind to scrape some […]

it’s official we’re all connected

Connectivity. communication, spoken or unspoken; resonances that amplify and simultaneously send and receive, asserting their presence these agents, agents of dynamism, a foot in the puddle, a drop that Feynman’s bird would look at and not fly away from; Newton’s angels hovering over, gravity-less, if only they knew they were also part of this, apparitions […]

conversations with a mythic voice

“Those who Observe the wind will not Sow” Ecclessiastes 11:4 A Little History This first part of the improvisation sessions with natural elements is inspired by the writings and works of Athanasius Kircher.  The inventor of a western conception of aeolian music, his 17th century drawings in Phonurgia Nova detailed methods for inciting the wind, thereby […]


1. (In “The Cataract of time” Daniel Tammet describes how the modern time-keeping has forced us to partition our experiences into discrete units of hours, minutes and seconds – a filling of elemental “holes”.  He continues by saying that this is a mistaken way of viewing the world, as “one hole is much the same […]

transsecting the BBB

*This is a post for the wanton dumping of all the information, thoughts, sketches, research, brains and guts of the BBB project.  It will eventually be collated into a website of sorts, and if the works proposed actually come about, documentations of all the process work, gallery activities and post-show comments and feedback will all be […]