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Speech recognition and web browser audio Chrome wouldn’t consider mute tab option ? but they already have an icon in each tab showing you the instances where sound is coming from. “If we provide Chrome controls for content, we are implying that Chrome should take on a responsibility to police content”. The Web audio API might be the only solution […]


Would you marry the man and shut up She asked. Soft to serve Turnip She said her name was Suffer to bone House lit like candles Burning memories Away like chaff in the rain Turnip Ripe and ready Tempting fruits close to hand She laboured Sweetly as Mind body soul lay alone In the battles […]

Urban Shadows

Urban Shadows The evening wind billows past open windows that roar and sputter like barfing minds bleeding noisy white into you, me. We trail the empty road ahead where secret thoughts drive unnoticed; yours, mine, ours the wind in the vane – as passing beings, furtive and fleeting now ominous as noise a blanket of […]


(1)   Spoke to the guy, he said, “ No, couldn’t do anymore for me what I had wanted him to do.” Turned his face away, arched his gaze into the distance where the sun was already setting   in my heart. He couldn’t bear anymore deceiving and lying, dragging around this burden everywhere dressed […]


Buried     So the wreck remains. They are but tortured cracks of plywood and small planks of life; A life lost to inevitability. The struggle, oh the struggle of one so entrenched in the sorrow of living. Not for the morning dew or the scent of dusk, but for this empty continuation. This, abyss, […]


Still seemingly docile, granite walls and teak chairs fake the tranquility of untroubled waters; breezes of serenity and the stability of steadiness though mirror hanging on the wall reveals eyes glassed, hastened …..moist. He shuffles in his warm seat, nomadic emotions cold and unfriendly; the confusion that replicates the tangled disarray in his mind and […]