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I don’t want to read books that tell me what i already know

nice interview by Emmett stinson on the fringes of literature, and possible inadequacies of cultural institutions and epistemologies. Also he talks about embracing confusion, and that it is confusion that makes you think. This is good coming right out of us watching Terence Mallick’s The Tree of Life.  There were definitely some moments that needed […]

Video Titles

    Terence Malick’s The New World Tree of Life  

April 18 Thursday- Traveller, there is no pathway, there is only traveling itself.

tonight there is a concert in UW where Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire will be performed along with some Scelsi Luigi Nono’s la fabrbrica illuminata was amazing.  Mix of soprano/electronics. Giacinto Scelsi Ko-Tha (for guitar – treating guitar as a percussive instrument)    

Whitehead___The poets were wrong

the three main factors (according to Whitehead) that led to the rise of modern (scientific) thought:   _1) rise of mathematics 2) instinctual belief in a detailed order of nature (connection to the history of religion in vindicating faith with rationalism) 3)unbridled rationalism of thought [circa 1600 – Later Middle Ages] passage to truth predominantly […]

Whitehead_ Abstraction and the basis of modern scientific thought

Whitehead continues into abstraction today, beginning with a description of mathematics as was developed through Pythagoras.  He lays claim  for the abstraction of mathematics as a strong basis for the ability of scientists to relate and empirically define relationships within the environment.  Whitehead constrasts the a priori thought, or hypothesis/formulae construction versus the classification techniques […]

Whitehead .. naturalism and a history of science

So i’m reading a little of Alfred North Whitehead today, and looking at the history of science from his perspective. He talks about the influence of Greek Tragedy in shaping how the Middle Ages viewed knowledge.   There is an underlying sense of an inevitable, unchangeable narrative that was called ‘fate’, and this could only […]

april 15th – monday

Today the bombs in Boston went off at the tail end of the marathon.  watching live news feeds in horror at the atrocities of human ‘civilization’. i hope they find the fuck-head who did this.