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The web blurb for the pursuit of a Masters in Biological Art at SymbioticA, the centre of excellence in Biological Arts

Joel Ong
Current Student

Joel Ong is a media artist interested in the politics of sight and sound as representations of the body, exploring the ways in which mediation transforms, enhances and redefines our perception.  Undertaking the Masters of Biological Arts at SymbtioicA, his work builds on the social, ecological and physiological premise of sound and listening that is discussed through embodiment and performance.  He is deeply intrigued by novel presentations of sound as physical entities sensitive to the natural or projected environment and is inspired by works from Max Eastley, Gordon Monaham, Jason Kahn and Lesley Flanigan.    Along the way, Joel has made miniature lithophones with cow femurs, performed through stethoscopes, and is looking towards a final project focused on the amplification of microscopic cellular activity and cellular vibration as a way to merge the aesthetics of arts and science.

Joel has a Bachelors in Science (Life Sciences) from the National University of Singapore where he majored in biology and ecology.  He has also been active as a sound designer and artist, dabbling in experimental music and composing for interdisciplinary ventures.  He has also lectured and published on the Singaporean electroacoustic scene.

Electives Taken:
Anthropology of Media
Philosophy of Mind
Postmodern Narratives
Art of Drawing
Introduction to the Built Environment
Sound Installation Elective at WAAPA


2010  PICA : Performance installation exploring infrasound/vibrational soundscapes

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