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okay so this is more a post for myself to remind myself to contact this amazing artist. Gerri ondrizek thank you bruce Hamilton for that timely introduction. Nonethless, this is a French (?) artist who does work intersecting biology and art.  A very interesting find, and a woman who’s work has a distinct feminine […]

thought id start with an introduction into what im up to here…

So im a life science graduate in NUS.. and maybe its just in my mould to be rebellious but i’ve never fit into any stereotypical image of a science student.. ever since i was in secondary/high school.  Im sure many people have felt the same way, but by no means does that form the basis […]

biological art. .. what where how why?

I realized over the last year that a startling percentage of my conversations with friends, both new and old have been centred around the definition of my course of study… “Oh hey Joel, havent seen you in a while, what’re up to?” “Im doing my Masters in Perth!” “Oh what’re you doing” “Biological Art”.. “What […]