Monthly Archives: July 2009

yesterday Lynette slipped a chopstick down the sink

well. yea. its was quick and disappeared like a strand of slurped spaghetti. Advertisements

another guitar (Freo)

yea heres another guitar i tried at a music shop in Freo.. really small shop with unrecognizable brands – and unrecognizable instruments, which in my case is always a good thing. not feeling very adventurous, i proceeded to try the most unique looking electric guitar i found. it was an Onyx guitar… dont ask me […]

hello Perthlings, I come in peace.

what better way than to smoothen our travelling transition that to soak in some good aussie juice.  By that i do not mean licking dry a footy guernsey. . I mean finding a new friend in the 40 by 20 by 20 carton and starting a new and exciting life together. There are many of […]

Perth’s first Blog. lets try to keep this one regular

Hello .. .after 4 prior posts .. heres one that talks about today.. the 16th July. well the weather today is really nice. windy about 17 degrees. so im in a t shirt and fishermans. but i cant step out of the house without a coat .  Still .. its a good day with strong […]

Lake Clifton (July 2009)

There are many new places that i’ve already visited and experienced even though i’ve only been here for a month – ANd, im supposedly undergoing an administration nightmare planning for school that starts in a few days.  But i really enjoyed the trip I made with SymbioticA to check out the thrombolites at Lake Clifton, […]

Perth’s new offering

Heres  a glimpse into the living quarters that i have claimed for myself.. . its a small space, not necessarily the most functional, but it complements my unique hobbies quite well. plus. as a Masters student in UWA, i get a desk to myself in a room at school so this really means that i […]

this is the (new)

What up world. i figured i’d start wrting about the relocation that is currently under way . Singapore —– Perth date moved: 22nd June 2009. So we didn’t have the ice cream smooth transition that we had hoped – for one, the airline we were flying didnt spare us any leverage on the baggage so […]