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General Art/Science Quotes

“a growing self confidence of the primordial and a reminder to modernity that the urban would eventually be overtaken by the natural ” Cildo Meireles   “Science as culture also depends on mythology because the presentation of scientific knowledge often relates intimately to a mythological picture of the world” Alexej M Ghilarov [ Ecology, mythology […]

but what the fuck is science anyway?

” Science is the product of organized fantasy about the real world, tested constantly by an internal logic of necessity and external public record of expectations  ”  – Edward Boulding (one of the key developers of ‘general systems theory’) Science is a way of understanding the world, it could be seen by some as a system […]

Week 1 (Jan 12 -16)

Most of this week was spent just going through the lab materials and getting access to the lab and the Foege Building, and understanding the workings going on at the lab – who’s who, what’s where and what’s being done. A number of projects are currently going on at the Folch Lab, all of which […]

CP SNOW ‘s earliest memories.

[taken from C.P. Snow, an Oral Biography by John Halperin] CP Snow’s earliest memory: circa 1910; standing up on a bed and hearing my father tell my mother tha he was going to play the organ at church, about 3 miles outside Leicester.

it’s official we’re all connected

Connectivity. communication, spoken or unspoken; resonances that amplify and simultaneously send and receive, asserting their presence these agents, agents of dynamism, a foot in the puddle, a drop that Feynman’s bird would look at and not fly away from; Newton’s angels hovering over, gravity-less, if only they knew they were also part of this, apparitions […]


1. (In “The Cataract of time” Daniel Tammet describes how the modern time-keeping has forced us to partition our experiences into discrete units of hours, minutes and seconds – a filling of elemental “holes”.  He continues by saying that this is a mistaken way of viewing the world, as “one hole is much the same […]

transsecting the BBB

*This is a post for the wanton dumping of all the information, thoughts, sketches, research, brains and guts of the BBB project.  It will eventually be collated into a website of sorts, and if the works proposed actually come about, documentations of all the process work, gallery activities and post-show comments and feedback will all be […]