“Sounding Body” at the ECU Library

As part of the ECU Research Week proceedings, the sound wall i setup at Waapa earlier this year was resurrected this time in the library.  As with the first project that meant getting into the workshop again working on flats and paints.  This was quite an experience setting up in the library, which presents a whole different set of problems for a sound artist.  I found this to be a really interesting opportunity to think about the notion of noise as ‘inattention’ –

Here’s the writeup that’s printed around the area :

The project “Sounding Body” was presented as part of the artist’s current engagement with sound in the life sciences.  It was performed on the night of 19 June 2010 at the Kurongkurl Katitjin gallery in Edith Cowan University.  The use of the stethoscope as a listening tool subverts its use in medical diagnostics and questions the politics of knowledge and power in an exclusive listening space that is regularly played out in a doctor-patient relationship.  The use of the stethoscope head in revealing internal soundscapes also lends strongly to the experimental nature of the installation, as different configurations of positioning and distance cause significant changes in the pickup by the diaphragm.  In this current installation within the cultural context of the library, the piece tempts the visitor into an intimate exploration of the piece, and yet to an experience of the library that examines the dichotomies of silence and sound, and sound and noise.

The project will be up from 16 August to the 25 August 2010 at the Mt Lawley Campus:

Mt. Lawley Campus Library
2 Bradford Street,
Tel: (61 8) 9370 6195
Fax: (61 8) 9370 6256

Mon-Thurs:       8.00am –   9:30pm
Friday:             8.00am –   6.00pm
Sat & Sun:       10.00am –   5.00pm

Transporting the flats for the project from the workshop to the library

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