Monthly Archives: September 2010

Monday the 13th

A great morning of listening and reading..amidst the flurry of adrenalin as i await my latest guitar purchase… more on that when it comes. but today i re-read Roland Barthes’ “Listening”… where he discuses from his primary thesis “Hearing is a physiological phenomenon;Listening is a psychological act” amidst listening to a mix of Pablo fredes, […]

some links which i could try to remember…or…

thank you digital technology for substituting my brain’s memory centre. here are my disembodied thoughts embodied in digital markmaking and signifyers of apparent logic. Hand-held cardiography device OptiGo – echocardiography. (claims it might one day negate the use of the stethoscope.  Thats an interesting claim that has its implications on the processes involved in listening […]

lynette’s installation piece

So after a couple of months, here’s Lynette’s beautiful finished piece, sitting at the entrance of the 1st floor gallery at the Architecture and Fine Arts department of UWA. A Line Between, 2010 Lynette Tan Tank sculpture, video projection and sound As a study of a site for artistic engagement, A Line Between puts the […]