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Wagon version 3

While enjoying the space in the Random Room – wagon version 3 is in progress 

Sound art Open Call Poster

docu over the week

i was still thinking about the weekend and here we are almost at the next one. ultimate frisbee was great on Sunday and i am still aching from it. Updates for the Wagon project looking slightly different now – and there will now be three different wagons not all identical.  But first, here’s the wagon […]


I will be giving a lecture in Laselle College of the Arts on Friday 17 August 2012. It will basically be a project presentation with the Wagon kinetic sculpture and a little background information on my art and practice.   Looking forward to it!  

creative minds article

found myself in an Elle magazine (Singapore) article about the creative minds in Singapore.  Also featured is Visual Art Open Call’s Boedi Widjaja  

another look

bling and all