Monthly Archives: July 2012

Roomba time {} a little nostalgia trip

today we introduced/welcomed a few more people to the project. Anshul Pandey from NUS to talk sensors and hardware hacking.  Had a good chat with Dr Wyse from CNM yet again.  Everytime we meet there is something new on his plate – the man is never short of ideas, and good humour 🙂 We established […]

Final Blurb comes forth

For his work at The Substation in September 2012, sound artist Joel Ong will create an installation featuring an array of kinetic sound wagons that move about in the gallery.  The wagon is not only a sound source but also actively receives input from its environment to subtly alter the acoustic environment.  This installation allows […]

empty. room. dissolves.

sliding pitch. very very interesting meeting with Darren Ng (Sonicbrat) this arvo – reminded me about technology as a chasing  .. as a medium and the carrier of something more. What or where forth is the breath. Where is home.  Also introduced me to the music of Nils Frahm. put it on my safari browser […]


did a little more. managed to do most of what needed to happen for the presentation.   electronics:       recording.. (well, trying to record while jostling for acoustic space)        

cleaned-up prototype

tomorrow 1)the 9V amp 2)replace cap 3)build amp box/container 4)record sound and movement 5)record sound – microphone on the move


Just done with the video promo shoot. should be very interesting to see/hear. the little toy is working well, wireless mic in its belly feeding-back against the speaker..   working well, but we decided today to dissect     prototype :     might be fun to see it move … when it does ill […]

nanovibrancy @ Exhibition Road

nano vibrancy presented as a paper in Supersonix- the Art and Science of Sound conference at Exhibition Road London.  It was presented at Imperial College on the 23rd June.