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A modicum of equanimity

or at least that is what i hope my latest sound project will be. let’s see. Advertisements

List of people/things who have birth/death dates of numerical significance to me

Birthday: Joe Davis 1950 Died 1983: Eric Hoffer (May 21st) Buckminister Fuller (July 1st) Luis Bunuel (28 July) at age 83 Same Birthday: Wassily Kandinsky (1866) Death (Dec 4th) Frank Zappa 1993 not birth/death but equally important La plissure du text 1983 (Roy ascott) coined Telematic Art 1983 (ascott) Little Jimmi King (b. 4th […]

Friday May 3 .. pretty monotonous and monotonously pretty

Umidi Soni Colores Suzuki   Pli selon pli Boulez and Mallarme

Kahn quote

while preparing for a short presentation on Lucier’s Vespers, i read an interesting quote from a paragraph from Douglas Kahn’s The Sound of Music: (on keeping ‘imitative’ sounds out of music) How could this be the case within the radical transformations that occurred during the vigorous days of modernism and the avant garde.  How could […]

Wednesday May 1 2013

Im reading another Douglas Kahn article and im really thankful he’s alright after having been admitted into the hospital after an accident for a good 3 weeks. “The Sound of Music”   i’ve forgotten how nice it is to read about his ideas on sound and music and jostling the composition cachets of Varese, […]