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CP SNOW ‘s earliest memories.

[taken from C.P. Snow, an Oral Biography by John Halperin] CP Snow’s earliest memory: circa 1910; standing up on a bed and hearing my father tell my mother tha he was going to play the organ at church, about 3 miles outside Leicester. Advertisements

Speech recognition and web browser audio Chrome wouldn’t consider mute tab option ? but they already have an icon in each tab showing you the instances where sound is coming from. “If we provide Chrome controls for content, we are implying that Chrome should take on a responsibility to police content”. The Web audio API might be the only solution […]

Lucier for your laptop    

just realized this Christmas we’ll have a new answer for Parson Brown!

he’ll say,”are you married” we’ll say “yeap, without a doubt”

3D glasses and all

So this is going to be the last book i buy for now. not only after my research funding just got even more complicated, but also because i’ve been advised to start working more with my hands.  I perhaps can only allow my joy at finally receiving this be mentioned as a sigh and my […]

Question of the day

How can you achieve the rewards of a sedentary life – namely, of a security in a home both physical and emotional, of a grounded practice that one can toil and persevere at to the extent of accomplishments, of an ability to hone and educate your heart and mind with the pleasures of family and […]

April 25th Thursday

read the best quote about music ever: ‘Music is the concealed art of computation for a soul unaware of its counting’ Gottfried von Leibniz