2-1 .. penalty again?

This being 14th April 2008, it is Henry day today, but sadly he is no longer at Arsenal.  I wonder if he might have been feeling some tugs in the chest after watching Arsenal’s season-long dominance crumble at the finishing line.  Manchester united put up an interesting display today, there was a bit of everything really.. pile-driving workhorse aggression from Wayne Rooney, artistic brilliant from Ronaldo, a sublime freekick from Owen Hargreeves; also, defensive errors from Rio Ferdinand, multiple even! And one even nearly ended up as a goal in his own net.  But overall, twas a good show, some good takes by the goalkeeper, good goals, one very unfortunate penalty

but im an arsenal supporter.  Could this match have been definitive of Arsenal’s season?  Perhaps… it was a team constructed out of of heart and passion and hope for a certainly glorious future placed against a much more experienced, much more condescending league based on pride and individualistic gain.

But it wasn’t just the league they were fighting, cos within immense talent and fervor, there was also a servere shortage of good fortune… Just when the team were coming together and playing the most beautiful football ever, injury struck and key players like rosicky, van persie, sagna, and the most horrible of all, eduardo’s open fracture that left his leg hanging like a christmas ornament from the shin.

Leaving adebayour up front is not a good thing cos i never thought he was that good a player.. definitely not the type that’d follow in Henry’s footsteps.  I had thought Van Persie would fit those shoes, but after seeing him attempt to gain back that credence in front of goal the later half of the season, it doesn’t look good at all.  Bentner, too, is talented, and apparently an imposing figure in the penalty area, but unfortunately, his rapport/chemistry with fellow striker adebayour is so audaciously bad he gets wrong footed everytime a pass is attempted between them.  Kudo’s to the midfield heroes of arsenal though – fabregas, flamini, fleb, diaby, gael clichy (who is not a midfielder, but is always making those lightning runs down the left), gilberto, eboue (who i really dont like.. but is good nonetheless), who were the brains behind the youthful brawn of the pack, and probably the only reason why the strikers had such a good run this season

But, this and a whole list of goal line misses, balls that hit the post and unwarranted penalties…at the time around when Arsenal went into the closest matches of the season.  that had got to do something to their morale.. losing to chelsea, drawing twice and then losing to liverpool in a week, and now losing to manchester united, who look certain to claim the title yet again.  it leaves one to wonder if there still is fight left in them for the last 4 games.

For all its worth, this is one Arsenal supporter wishing his team the best, and assuring them that the belief held in the youthful squad by arsenal fans all over the world would continue next season.. where dreams of silverware/cups and trophies would most definitely become reality : )

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