Stadium Ambience

These are a couple of sound clips i took at the S-league match in Singapore last Friday 11 april 08. The internal soccer league which hosts teams from different clubs made up of 12 constituency and sporting clubs. This match was between Geylang United and Tampines Rovers, both of which were desperately in need of points, the former, to remain competitive at the bottom rung of the table, and the latter, to improve its chances at the top of the table race for the title.

This first clip is a recording of the stadium pointed towards the row of indian kids sitting in front of us. Really cute guys.. had some lively conversation which brought together the carnivalesque atmosphere of the game. Mixed with the very sporting but hilarious cheerleading antics of a single MC, it was a really fun event.

This one was interesting cos it was a free kick and there was a shared groan across the stadium when it was just pushed out wide by the goalkeeper.

This one’s the best cos it got lynette laughing quite a bit. the indian guys started talking about commitments to the clubs and which teams they were “voting for”

“im voting for Geylang” .. .

“you cannot change….” “im voting for both”…

“you cant vote for both .. .”

hilarious stuff.

Thanks guys 🙂

Sounds recorded using Zoom H4’s onboard condensors atop a tripod under my seat at the stadium, and mastered with Audacity and Wiretap Pro.

heres an additional picture of the Tampines team mascot from where i was during half time.  I would’ve given his good money for the stag head heh

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