Pioneer Square Art Walk work-in-progress

Another work in progress:


An interactive data visualization and sonification project, Joel Ong’s new installation work Aeolus Notification or A Reverse Pilgrimage will be presented at the Design Commission Gallery on Friday September5, 2014 as part of the Pioneer Square Art Walk.
** If you cannot be there, you can still be part of the project by submitting
1. your name
2. the destination address/GPS coordinates of a place that you would like to be at
3. your cellphone number and mobile provider should you wish to be on the notification system
These will then be added to the database and reflected through the sonification and visualization pathways.

“Why on earth do we ever leave this place no matter how fair the place may be, and then the next place, and the one after that, all our lives long, and I suspect beyond our lives here, because the voyage feels as though it reaches beyond the stars? Of course we never really know. To live is to leave, that is all. ”
Excerpted from Frederick Buechner, The Magnificent Defeat (HarperSanFrancisco, 1985), pp 119-123

We are all pilgrims acting on a universal desire to progress or return to one space and the next. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all voyagers on the same sea, being tossed about by the alternations of an ever-changing wind, believing that the end of the road will be worth more than whatever it costs to reach it.
We all have lived and been told about great voyages like Moby Dick, the Odyssey or even the Lord of the Rings. In Odysseus’ journey, the bag of wind bestowed upon him by Aeolus would contain the wind necessary for him to sail home. Like a sailboat moving in harmony and alignment with the wind, the visitor receives a symbolic bag of winds and is notified whenever the wind blows in alignment with his/her destination address. There is no blueprint for how we should move, no path that we should take, but perhaps we may find our desires within reach simply by being in the right direction.

This work is a presentation of the artist’s research into the Aeolian voice in our digital culture, and is part of a bigger project on ‘frozen’ sound in the environment. It will feature spatial sound triggered by real time wind data collected from the University of Washington’s Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Visitors will enter the GPS coordinates of a destination address, and if they sign up for with the Aeolus Notification system, they will receive a text message when the wind blows in the corresponding direction.


*The monochord work was also presented, and that got quite a bit of the attention probably because it was the louder of the 2 installations.    Talk about noise bleeding through your own installations.  Im glad that lasted the day and nothing bad happened to it with all the people randomly plucking and detuning it.  It was also interactive with 2 rangefinders on each side.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 5.12.19 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 5.14.15 PM






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