The big questions… streamlined

biggest question unifying the sciences and the humanities is to find an overarching all encompassing unified theory that can explain all the different trajectories of the human condition.


5) categorical distinctions and presumptions.

The geneticist Theodosius Dobzhansky famously wrote that nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution. We can add that nothing in culture makes sense except in the light of psychology. Evolution created psychology, and that is how it explains culture. (p. 210) – Pinker, How the mind works

e.g. psychology is anthropocentric, and claims that all experiences, inferences and actions occur from causal interactions of a central nervous system that is intelligent and teleological i.e. Evolution proceeds towards a goal.  contrast Bergsonion claims for a creative form of evolution – intelligence and intuition . Bateson, Dawkins view that everything is an idea.  Jacob von Uexkell’s contribution to muscular physiology, cybernetics of life and the ‘umwelt’ and animal consiousness..

120) organization

– cybernetics and the consilience of art, science, humanities including psychology, sociology and anthropology.

320) Ontology and the Definition of ‘Beauty’

1) question of consciousness and intelligence and the Soul returning to the ether.

– deterministic science vs creative evolution

2) questions of phenomenon

– qualia, sentience, solipsism

– psychedelia in science as extensions of human rationality.  LSD – nitrous oxide in Humprey Davy’s experiments

– psychedelia in art as foundation for perception oriented art in the 60s / increased cataloging of shamanic experiences in indigenous cultures outside Western/westernized civilizations.  e.g. E.O Wilson’s record of Amazonian Peru, and the Jivaro of Ecuador.

3) questions of art and evolution

– why art, music as ‘evolutionary cheescake’ Pinker

– what for have art? what is the definition of beauty, or the aesthetic experience and how does neuroscience attempt to explain these.

4) Time and relativity

– theoretical physics and the uncertainty principle (Heisenberg) of wave-particle dualism.  more and more linkages with avian navigation, microtubules and the ‘soul’

-process metaphysics (Alfred North Whitehead)


14) What is sleep and what is it for?

– neuroscience

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