Spatial Measure



(presented at Fremont May 12 2014)

Following the vertical precedence in the previous prototype, this modification uses the monochord as a control interface for the heights of 4 speakers from the ground (through the action of 4  4-phase stepper motors – JAMECO 237607 ).  This allows the sounding representation of integer ratios to transit from instrumentation to abstract depiction of 3-dimensional space – allowing the auto-tune function of the monochord to define the tuning of space.  Currently, the system functions as a linear closed loop, but further modifications are in place to provide an open system where the movements of the visitor in the space alter the algorithms and behaviours of the speaker; possibility also for a feedback system with microphone connected into the monochord.


Spatial Measure I presents a case for the sympathetic resonance of acoustic and geometric space.  It alludes to Pythagorean harmonicity as an expansive system both in the context of musical production and of the relationships of 3-dimensional space.   Mathematical diagrams also instruct in this case more than their architectural edifices, but through their depiction of speaker positioning and corresponding sonic ratios, function as conceptual scores.  Fig 1 shows a preliminary sketch of this project designed for the Auricle Gallery, NZ in winter 2014.  There a further narrative layer is proposed through the invoking of the ‘irrational’ semitone.


Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 12.54.59 AM

More photographs of the piece:




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