cory doctorow seminar

how does Big Data change the scientific method?

– drive to publish all sorts of data even negative values for peer review, to reexamine ‘beloved’ experiments.

— large scaled data harvesting

(marginalized people, privacy) — is there trouble in deciding why privacy is important..e.g. domestic violence

-privacy is not so much a thing but a right to decide who know’s infomration about yourself. (doctorow)
-technology has skewed our expectations of what is private and secret.

Big data hypothesis for targeted ads (Cory is skeptical)

Google Flu. (using keywords to find )

increased consumption higher inventory now with data science?

~~~~~~”walls have ears” to protect secrecy – frozen sound?  is elucidating this/melting this largely a political affair? what locations are subject to this nature of politicization?  Technological architecture as frozen sound.  Snowden!!

Front Door protection : Back Door Vulnerability.  the 3rd party repairman.

What about STREAMING? – is not a d/l … hallucination of ownership – cloud uses this = the assumption you can have people use something without owning it.  DMCA what is the problem of that?? DRAM.

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