Wednesday May 1 2013

Im reading another Douglas Kahn article and im really thankful he’s alright after having been admitted into the hospital after an accident for a good 3 weeks.

Click to access Kahn.pdf

“The Sound of Music”


i’ve forgotten how nice it is to read about his ideas on sound and music and jostling the composition cachets of Varese, Cage, Scaeffer against the writings of Deuluze/Guattari, Levi Strauss, even Baudrillard


In an interesting point, he talks about Schaeffer recognizing the futility of his work with organized field recordings, brings in Levi-Strauss: it is only things that change, the structures – structures of humanity remain the same, and the uses we make of these things.


It’s been a very depressing day, im glad we’re almost at the end of it. but tomorrow runs in to itself again. and i have to prepare a presentation on a work that i quite like so hopefully that changes my headache’s agenda tomorrow.




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