Newton’s tree..

amidst the fact that SI is still keeping mum to my application outcome,


Newton's apple tree




















When Newton saw an apple fall, he found
In that slight startle from his contemplation –
“T is said (for I’ll not answer above ground
For any sage’s creed or calculation) –
A mode of proving that the earth turn’d round
In a most natural whirl, called ‘gravitation;’
And this is the sole mortal who could grapple,
Since Adam, with a fall or with an apple.


Man fell with apples, and with apples rose,
If this be true; for what we deem the mode
In which Sir Issac Newton could disclose
Through the then unpaved stars the turnpike road,
A thing to counterbalance human woes:
For ever since immortal man hath glow’d
With all kinds of mechanics, and full soon
Steam-engines will conduct him to the moon.




Canto the 10th  from Don Juan (1821)
Lord George Gordon Bryon

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