Jan 28th Monday

Today after a somewhat uneventful weekend, I’m back in the grad office.

started off by reading a collection of letters from a group of scientists to Charles Darwin explaining synthetic biology:

it seems a really fun exercise/ might make my students do this in the summer.  what I’m interested to see however, is what an artist might say to Darwin.  it would revolve around the words ‘design’ and ‘in silic0’ and would probably introduce the words ‘imagination’ and ‘postulate’.  in the labs of chemists, , systems biologists, synthetic biologists and bioengineers the words calculate and measure come up a lot – i can’t believe that it  be that realistic to calculate the rate or pattern of evolution within a computer program.  or perhaps it is, that matter is to a certain extent predictable and if we can identify all the possible avenues of stress, we will know how it responds in 5, 10, 15, 500 years.  Any exception therefore, would prove the rule.

Perhaps what i could say to Darwin, would be that human evolution does not preclude a parallel evolution in technology and developments in the human body are now enhanced and even supplanted by improvements in transfection, implantation or hybrid procedures.  The critical engagement that has revolved around these has even motivated a movement in art – transgenic art,


today I’m thinking of reading a little bit about Leonardo Da Vinci.

Also need to read stuff for Juan’s class, as well as the Dodge about filtering! and then maybe work on stocky a little.


see what else i write about in a few minutes


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