Jan 25 Friday

Today i completed my StrangeCo application. if it is successful ill post it up for future reference.

While getting sick of it, i decided to take a walk down to the School of Art – and ended up in the Jacob Lawrence gallery where there was a photography exhibition by Agusti Centelles entitled  “Centelles>in_edit_¡oh!

Amazing photographs (Leica camera) and them being shot in black and white places a journalistic reality on them while immersing you in the emotions of the period.  good photographs, even better story – These photographs were shot by Centelles during the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939) while he was held at the Bram internment camp.  These rolls of film were hidden in a suitcase for decades in the french city of Carcassonne until 1976 when he retrieved them.



p.s. a quick check on the bay reveals you can get a 1936 Leica camera for under a couple hundred dollars.  how could you not take beautiful photographs with something that nice.. (Lynette’s birthday is coming up soon … mmmmmm)



So I’m hoping to get to the Henry Art Gallery today to check out some art. hopefully ill update later!

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