Friday Jan 25

so i did get to the henry this afternoon.

i was very excited about the en plein air exhibition but it was fairly mediocre.  it was a lot smaller than i’d imagine it to be, and a little too claustrophobic to be an exhibition about space and freedom .. ‘painting in open space’ .  It was inevitably sidelined by the 19th century landscape paintings next to it and apart from the interesting reflections of light off the hexagonal glass structure, it was really quite slipshod.

Jeffrey Mitchell’s stuff, interesting.  he has an opus of works that range from ceramics to paper cuts to shadow puppetry to intricately designed panels that looked like a Japanese room divider.  Seem to remember one of his contorted sculptures at the Frye (Moments magnitude exhibition)

James Turrel’s work was a mindfuck.  i dont know why but i had a serious feeling of vertigo in the space, and i kept thinking the walls were further than they were and that the sky was nearer than it is.  Beautiful piece nonetheless, something about the architecture made the ceiling feel like it was made of mashmallow.  But i kept getting distracted by the single blemish on the ceiling.  ruined the illusion for me slightly, but im pedantic that way..


Thumbs up though, for the Achille Quinet photograph entitled Etude D’Apres nature (Nature study no. 90 c.1875) and the sculpture of Louise Bourgeouis from 1985 entitled nature study.  There’s something intrinsically ‘natural’ about this sculpture and i personally feel like it is very successful. bad picture but lifted off the internet at

















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