23 Jan Wednesday

well last night we watched the remainder of Ivan’s Childhood, a true tarchosky classic.

the dark scenes and melancholia were very distinct- the scene of Ivan wading across the river is one that will stick with me for a long time.  the courage and his angst -desire for revenge , and his innocent dreams..his dreams of being with his mother and sister.  of love and wanting.  interestingly the only female characters in the film are in Ivan’s dreams, as well as one Marsha character who is just an object of desire for all the male protagonists.


the key frame this past week has been a recapturing of some almost feral impression of emotion .. and expression through art.  Ivan’s life within his dreams, James Joyce’s love in his writings, John Cage’s Imaginary Landscapes series, Xenakis and Stockhausen’s post-war emotions and observations told through music.

am i getting closer to the idea of art or at least where my place within it is.



Essential listening:

Hugh Le Caine “Happy birthday from the screams in Berg’s Lulu”
Terry Riley “no man’s land”


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