Jan 21 Monday

.. here goes another week… this week money matters dominate because of some outstanding bills and well.. work woes in general.
but we’ll get through it. . we always do.

Art wise,

been interested today again in art works and movements emerging through everyday life – we’ve talked about the Gutai manifesto who connected the raw expression of human spirit through materials they emphasised as being original and beautiful in themselves.  We also looked at various art works and musics that arose as result of impending war – Xenakis, Cattelan; and those that arose in reaction to social expectations through stockhausen and Stravinsky.  Touched on a little folk music as well  … and some great art to do with setting things to music – paintings, words etc.

today i started off by listening to Grandmaster Flash’s wheel’s of steel – said that it was Grand Wizard Theadore who was the inventor of scratching, and that in early gigs people would stop dancing and just look at what he was doing.  Genius.

some more listening today

Bernard Parmegiani: De natura sonorum http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk86s3v-iLA
Luc Ferrari:



Listening to John Butler Trio again got me really nostalgic about the beautiful sun-filled land of perth, about the small, vibrant markets in Freo that were so bright with local produce, about the pride the people had of their land and their culture. . about how safe i felt within their communities of confidence, camaraderie and friendships.  There wasn’t a bad bone in their bodies.  it’s fitting how his music becomes sort of an anthem for me now:

Running through the fire, running through the flame,
running through the hatred, pushing through the blame,
running through the hopelessness and shame, 
revolution already underway.


Take back your feet, take back your hands.

Take back your words, take back your lands.
Take back your heart, take back your pride.
Don’t got to run, don’t got to hide.




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