Wednesday January 16 2013

reading list for today is long…

but first:

Schoenberg’s 12-tone method:

… short segway to Shawn Lane and um. buckethead ..and a little clapton and john mayer

gonna try to head to the Frye Museum later to take a look around.

Xenakis interview on

1) franco-german conflicts in the 50s  as a metaphor for the move from periodicity [slogans/chanting] to chaos [firing into the crowd]

2) lightness of the flute – comparable to ear-tickling using randomness with computer music
3) architecture and working with Le Corbusier – golden ratio vs probability/randomness
4) Metastasis [] – – Fibonacci series to golden ratio/ density as number of events per second – number of notes an orchestra plays in a second .  60 strings, 5 notes per musician, every second there can be 300 events in an orchestra.  Xenakis – ” Too many for my little head”

and i only just found out about the ‘Iron Composer’ – held in Sept 2012 at Baldwin-Wallace College, Cleveland ..congratulations to David Wallace who won the 5hour contest

check out the prepared piano sounds  =
The piano’s range was divided into fourdistinctpreparations: aluminum foil on the bass strings, weather stripping on the low-middle strings, thumbtacks on the high-middle strings, and screws with washers on the high strings. (

Gyorgi Ligeti “Continuum”
Steve Reich “It’s gonna rain”, “Come out”, “Clapping Music”, “Electric Counter Point”

Can you consider these great works?

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