Sunday January 13 2013

Extending the topic of voices:

Julio Estrada: Hum (for 5/6 voices and live electronics) 2002
Julio Estrada: Quotidianus (2006)

People’s Grand Opera

The People’s Grand Opera is a collaborative community-sourced singing project featuring the timeless wisdom of American poet, Walt Whitman and original songs by founder/director Sara Edwards and a variety of musical collaborators including Sari Breznau & Jose Bold. The Art Director of The People’s Grand Opera is the artist Nko. The singers are members of the public.

The project seeks to create site-specific original choral performances, existing at the nexus of poetry and performance, co-authored by the community and featuring their individual and collective voices.

(Frye Art Museum, Seattle)

Writings of Walter Whitman

“songs of myself” 1855

reminded me again of the quotidian nature of Harry Partch’s music and his composed, often disjunct voices and disconnected narratives..

zzzz… till tomorrow

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