January 12 2013

Saturday brings a nice sun to the sub-freezing temperatures in Seattle, Washington. we’ve yet to see snow, but I’m sure the sight of dry roads and the frostbitten street cars more than makes up for it, for now.

ps. Im trying to see myself more and more as a genre-correct musician now, let’s see if it shows.


Artworks today:


Theme for the morning: Found voices

Scanner, 2001 ‘Remembering how to forget: An Artist’s exploration of Sound’
(he talks about intercepting data streams on telephone lines and using unsuspecting voices as raw material in the creation of minimalistic soundscapes)
Memorable quote (that he quoted):

“Manipulation or reorganization of pre-recorded images and sounds is like the process of thinking.  Thus editing becomes the superimposition of consciousness or the intelligent structuring of this recorded experience”
-Bill Viola

Okay good Bill, but how do you then define creativity?  does creativity presuppose intelligence?  i always was under the impression that creativity was something beyond intelligence or learnt ideas [then what does art school teach?  is that just shared experiences, ways to understand other peoples creativities – -art school hones creativity not injects it like an extraneous drug. what it does teach is different mediums and different modes of subjectivity]


Robert Fripp- Frippology
Brian Eno, David Bryne: My Life in the Bush of Ghosts



Stockhausen Gesang der Junglinge
Stockhausen Kontakte
Xenakis Khoai (Harpsichord work)
Bach Goldberg Variations (by Glenn Gould)
Bach Well Tempered Clavier [joining Hector in understanding variations within a fixed set of rules = serialism]




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