The night before a major presentation..

a little frantic but i feel like I’m getting used to this stress.. NOT.

thankfully Lynette has a smile for me because she’s seen so many of these ‘eleventh-hour’ forays and everything always works out somehow.  Stress or not, it’s always a great learning trip .. (on hindsight)

Soldering Iron out
Crocodile clips out
3rd hand out
small clamps out
pots, wires, resistors, connectors, little accessories to hold things in place ….
everything is on show tonight.

First plan of action.  instead of using 5 pots, ill only use 2.  combined in the ‘0’ and ‘1’ positions, a nice clicking analog synth type sound can be heard.

Add an LED, some wires to connect the preamp and the speaker and a battery pack, put them all in a box and hoorah!

tidy version – without USB connections and preamp

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