Sensors deux_ incoming a(u)duino

today i decided to tag in the Arduino to expedite the sensor input. found a granular synth for arduino called ‘auduino’

more information can be seen here:

too cool, videos were too cool so i couldn’t pass off the opportunity.  Instead of using 5 pots i decided to substitute one of them with an IR sensor

needs more testing especially with the ultrasonic and other infrared sensors on the roomba.  But considering there is a video shoot coming up, there s a big necessity to move this project along and get this setup inside the roomba’s belly asap!
So final circuitry inside the belly (as of Okto shoot 13th Aug):
Speakers A & B : auduino setup
Speakers C: MP3  (pure tones)
Speaker D: connected to cliff sensor
(mmm barely audible though)

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