Hardware redesign

So with the circuitry more or less settled .. for now, i move to redesign the main body of the roomba.

first step is to deconstruct its exterior so that it doesn’t look like it does 😉

Shopping list at Kelantan Road (sungei road)

1. 360mm diameter circular board

2. triangular wedges x4

3. wooden blocks in various shapes and sizes.

make shift workshop at the Substation Classroom 2

The wooden circle fits perfectly over the base  but with a slight tendency to rock back and forth.  a small wedge at the backside took care of that problem.

what it ended up looking like.  Started resembling a satellite tower or a life buoy out at sea.  Thanks to the friendly guys at the Singapore Power Training Institute Workshop, and their jigsaw.  Seriously the story of this project really revolves around the many people who’ve helped me in this.

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