Roomba time {} a little nostalgia trip

today we introduced/welcomed a few more people to the project.

Anshul Pandey from NUS to talk sensors and hardware hacking.  Had a good chat with Dr Wyse from CNM yet again.  Everytime we meet there is something new on his plate – the man is never short of ideas, and good humour 🙂

We established today a couple of possibilities and potentials in view of the time limitations, as well as the several deadlines for project presentations/interviews that require some form of work in progress display.

Latching onto the ‘Hacking Roomba’ movement that is building momentum in NUS , we spoke about the possibilities of tapping the output from the sensors of the roomba, and how that would function in relation to the wagons as stand-alone sound sources.

The next step is to ‘unlock’ the data from the sensors on the Roomba and patch it to a speaker, routing an arduino and a preamp along the way.  If all works well the sensors will cause the onboard speakers to click or buzz as per wiring/resistance.  In a further permutation, the information from the sensors is sent via bluetooth/wifi to a central processing computer that alters the overall sounding environment.

wagon goes to NUS.

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