Final Blurb comes forth

For his work at The Substation in September 2012, sound artist Joel Ong will create an installation featuring an array of kinetic sound wagons that move about in the gallery.  The wagon is not only a sound source but also actively receives input from its environment to subtly alter the acoustic environment.  This installation allows sound and space to become gateways to multiple narratives by developing notions of space and identity while at the same time invoking and composing with the resonant frequencies of the Substation gallery’s unique architecture.  In so doing, the act of listening becomes less of a sidelined activity and more of a focused presence that demands its own time and space.  



It is surprisingly difficult to write a blurb for an art work that has evolved in so many directions that is seems almost like indifference when i say ‘multiple narratives’..

chocked up within a quagmire of subjectivities. identities. selves.



ultimately i think its fantastic that there are now many different directions to take this piece. Almost like each individual wagon that turns its head/speakers to project different lines in space, so does this project seem ready and able to diversify.

Sensors sensing movement to alter pure tone… perfect.


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