back in proximity

well done legs for finding their way home. ‘home’ home.

I’m no less happy that i am nearer to the Substation now than i was in the last months, and possibly work will seem a lot more natural and focused from now.

Moving beyond the symbol of the train, i guess the focus on movement and resonance is a piece that requires a large amount of technical homework to pull off.


wireless transmittor,
speakers and onboard power
MDF board
container, junk, gunk and maybe a fishbowl
some wheels


a helicoptor rotor motor
a ski mask
free range eggs
a 4m glass tube that resembles an elongated light bulb
a game of bluff

for the artist ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ are sometimes indistinguishable.  obviously the tools don’t determine the trade but thats a deeper notion of identity and community that requires more unpacking.

just as a show of belief i will begin with the end in mind this time and hope to see it through.

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