litmus paper schematic

stimulus ——————- sensor —————— actuator —————— motor (kinetic)


what is it that i interests me about ‘movement’?

Spent sometime at the Gomboc Sculpture park in the Swan Valley observing Lynette set up a piece for an environmental sculpture project.  While her project was about notation and directing people’s attention to a ‘non-retinal’ experience of the sky, it was intriguing to see it develop as a mixture of elements was introduced into the natural environment.  Wisps of fabric stiffened as though ossified flakes – extensions of the brittle branches waved through the tree and around it, coming in between a rather direct view of the sky.  Clouds were the main attraction and their imprinting on the fabric screen makes my viewing oscillate between a 3D and 2D character.

Im beginning to feel how sculpture can be in motion, without actually moving; and how the artist can design its flow and rhythm.

i guess for sound art, and in building sonic art installations, it is a lot more straight forward since inadvertent motion is a salient characteristic. my written proposal of the (sonic and visual) aesthetics of the engine is interesting because it represents both an actant/agent but also a potential.  whether to move this potential into the visual, or to basically leave it at its raw form is something i am thinking about now – a matter of positioning the ‘artistic bait’ to attract either the sound geeks or the visual faithful.


power ____ sound _____ art&music.

i want to visualize… no. . i want to audibalize… audify.. bring into sounding… sonify…. the movements. the flux of movements in the air.  air currents, electrical fields, magnetic fields, chemical constituents, molecular interactions, forces, ebb flow, flux. like a blanket that traces invisible.


I’m thinking of a 10m long piece of litmus that draws a sonogram of ambient sound every 10minutes.  Now how would you do something like that.

I’m thinking of a locomotive engine that drives itself up and down a track.

Im thinking of a huge horn that amplifies any speech, footstep in the space.

I’m thinking of a large amount of speakers mirrored with another number of speakers-  each other cancelling out the frequencies of their opposite number to create a row of ‘dead air’, a sonorous cavity or trench.




notate my pa-late


porridge for supper again.






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